Mascom launched Mascom Charity Cup powered by MyZaka

  • 4 teams selected from Top8 teams from 2019/2020 season
  • Decided by fans via vote and Champions to walk away with P250 000
  • 1.1 million Pula set for assisting teams for traveling and other logistics for staging the competition
  • Proceeding from the charity cup will be donated to organizations that the teams have identified
  • Voting lines open as of 17 January 2022, Closing on 28 February 2022.
  • Draw 4 March 2022.
  • Vote sms line:16001
  • Mascom Charity Cup to be played at Obed Chilume Stadium on the 2nd April 2022.

Lets Vote to Orapa United…. The Ostriches has nominated Xhumo Primary School as thier beneficiaries from this tournament.

‘Orapa United fc’ to 16001, cost P1.50

Teams that Orapa United will be contending with,
Jwaneng Galaxy
Township Rollers
Orapa United
Security Systems
Gaborone United
Prisons XI
MR Highlanders