Tiiso Gadimang has been appointed as Orapa United FC Interim Head Coach.

Having been with the club since the 2018/2019 season, Gadimang has undoubtedly gained valuable experience from working alongside previous coaches. His decision to accept the role is a reflection of the confidence that the management has placed in him, and he is determined to demonstrate his capabilities.

In his exclusive interview with the club media, Gadimang expressed his enthusiasm and gratitude for the opportunity presented to him. He acknowledged that, while he had previously deferred the appointment due to feeling unprepared, he now believes it is the right time to showcase his abilities. His recent acquisition of the CAF A license further underlines his commitment to professional development and readiness for the role.

As Gadimang assumes the position of interim Head Coach, his focus extends to finding his own assistant coach to complement his coaching style and enhance the team’s dynamics. This signifies a pivotal transition period for the club as they navigate the ongoing recruitment process for the Head Coach. “The management’s decision to entrust Gadimang with this role reflects our confidence in his potential to lead the team effectively.” This was said by The Vice chairman Mr. Kealeboga Mogotsi, when making the announcement this morning on behalf of OUFC management.

Gadimang’s appointment as Interim Head Coach will undoubtedly bring about new perspectives and strategies, providing a platform for him to showcase his managerial prowess and instil a fresh sense of motivation within the team. His journey from assistant to interim Head Coach exemplifies a progressive and promising step forward for both himself and the club as they work towards their collective goals.